Everly’s DIY Floral mobile

Photography by Heidi Stadlinger

A step by step guide on how to make this beautiful mobile for your nursery. Everly absolutely loves it!


1. A styrofoam ring (size of your choice). I purchased mine at Michael’s craft store.

2. Ribbon or String. Purchase enough to wrap around the styrofoam ring, and extra ribbon to hang your wreath from your ceiling. You can choose two different ribbon styles and colours or stick with one. I used lace ivory ribbon and a natural thin string to hang it from the ceiling.

3. Artificial flowers of your choice. Make sure to purchase different sizes and colour tones that match your style of room.

Hot glue gun


Photography by Heidi Stadlinger

Let’s do this!

Firstly, wrap your styrofoam ring with ribbon, so that no gaps are showing. Secure with hot glue gun.

Now the next part is another element that you can add or not, but I loved the look of it. I wrapped string in a figure eight across straight across the wreath moving slightly around the whole wreath. It should look like a pretty spiral design with a knot style center.

Using your hot glue gun, it’s time to secure the flowers to your styrofoam wreath. Space them as close together or as far apart as you’d like. Experiment with different colours and positions until you are happy with the outcome. You can use pins to temporarily secure the flowers until you’re ready to glue them on. I also included greenery to give it a more natural feel.

Photography by Heidi Stadlinger

You’ll need two extremely long pieces of ribbon or string for this part. Once you have decided how low you want your wreath to hang from the ceiling, you’ll need to double that length and cut your two pieces of ribbon/string. Fold each piece in half and attach to opposite sides of the wreath (north and south, east and west). This will give you four strands of ribbon that stretch from the wreath up to the roof.

I added three strings to the spiral center of string. I spaced them out and cut them in different lengths. I just knotted them on a piece of string in the center. At the bottom of each string, I hot glued a rose bud to it.

Loop your ribbons over your ceiling hook and voila, the perfect addition to your nursery.

Photography by Heidi Stadlinger


Michebella xo

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