Picking out our baby girls name

Picking a name for our little bundle of joy has been fun but complicated at the same time. We contemplated about so many different ones but settle on one that we truly love. This is the name your child will hold forever, so, it better be a good one!

Photo by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

It had been a little challenging for my hubby and I to completely agree on a name. We haven’t had to think about this sort of thing for 9 years. And now we did it all over again. Before finding out the sex of the baby, we had a boys babe picked out. But as for a girls babe, omgosh we couldn’t decide. We found it harder to pick out a girls name. We even thought back to some of the names we picked out for our first girl.

When I was 28 weeks we finally picked a name for our baby girl. However, three weeks ago my husband decided he wanted to reevaluate our baby’s name. I think he was having a bit of stage fright. Lol

Little does he know, at the end of the day, it’s my pick. Sorry babe… Love ya!

Photo by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

The name we chose is unique but fits well with our other children’s names and sounds good with our last name. We also have a cute nickname for her in hopes that it will sound good when her soccer coach calls her on the field!! Yup, crazy soccer parents!

Photo by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

So by now maybe you’re wondering what I am going to name this little miracle but nope! We will just have to wait till the day I deliver our beautiful baby girl. My reasoning for this is that I want this to be completely our choice and not have the reactions of others. We love her name and that’s what matters.

How did you go about picking your child’s name? Do you have names that you already love?


Michebella xo

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