What’s in my hospital bag

I packed my hospital bag and diaper bag at 35 weeks. My last two pregnancies, I delivered around the 40 week mark, so I decided not to pack too much earlier than that.

Photo courtesy of Luxury Labour Bags

One of the best gifts that helped me pack the essentials and kick start this duty was the luxury labour bag. It is truly amazing and has different bag options to chose from. I received the Classic Mama bag which included the following;

Herschel Novel duffle bag in your choice of either Light Grey or Black.


Premium flip-flops

Toiletries bag including:



Shower gel

Bamboo toothbrush

Natural salt toothpaste

Natural deodorant

Ponytailmail hair ties


Disposable maternity underwear (great for both natural and C-section deliveries)

Natracare maternity pads

Pacifica-purify coconut water make-up wipes

Natracare nursing pads

Earth Mama Angel Baby Milkmaid Tea

Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple butter

Burt’s Bees lip balm

Acure Argan oil

EO Coconut Lemon hand sanitizer

Pen and notepad

Water cup with straw

Folder for your important documents

Natural vegan fruit jellies

Earth Mama Angel Baby bum spray

Laundry Bag

Amazing right! They took all the hard work off my shoulders. They also gave me a checklist of the rest of items that I would need to pack.

These are the items I added to my hospital bag;

Photo courtesy of Heidi Stadlinger Photography

My beautiful Robe with matching swaddle set by Milkmaid Goods in the Blush Butterfly design. www.milkmaidgoods.com

My cozy personalized hospital gown by GiftGown. www.giftgowns.com

Things to help you relax or pass the time, such as books and magazines

Pillow. I need my pillow!

A going-home outfit, definitely my lulu’s!

Nursing bras

Phone ChargerSome light makeup (concealer, powder & some blush to freshen up those cheeks)

Nightshirt wrap or t-shirt. Front-opening shirts are useful in the early days of breastfeeding

An infant car seat

Photo courtesy of Heidi Stadlinger Photography

I packed a separate bag for the baby. The things I packed in my wicked Fawn Design diaper bag are; www.fawndesign.com

Two or three sleepers for baby to wear while you are in hospital from newborn to 1 month old. I also packed her beautiful Milk Snob gown and hat. www.milksnob.com

Personalized Baby blanket by Thimble Theory which is absolutely amazing and so soft! www.thimbletheory.com

A couple of outfits for coming home (will decide at the hospital)

Diapers (I prefer pampers)


One pair of socks

A couple of hats/turban’s


Swaddle blankets

Personalized plaques made by Happily with Love www.happilywithlove.com

Photo courtesy of Heidi Stadlinger Photography
Photo courtesy of Heidi Stadlinger Photography

And voila, all ready to go. I set them by the front door so it’s easier to grab and go when the time arrives. Lol Hopefully sooner than later.


Michebella xo

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