The pregnant traveller…

I’ve always been an avid traveller and pregnancy never stopped this momma. Mind you, I’m not high risk and luckily have not had any major complications. However, before I jet set I always give my doc the heads up!

I didn’t travel during my first trimester, as I was extremely sick and all I could focus on was my bed. I did however travel during my second and now at the beginning of my third, I just returned from sunny Florida. Now that being said, I’m pretty much done with travel for now since I’m just over 30 weeks and some airlines won’t accept pregnant woman after 30 weeks, however, different airlines have different rules.

Below you’ll find some general tips for travelling while pregnant at all stages from first to third trimester. I’ve added some tips below for the pregnant traveller based on my own experiences.

My number one tip for any trip is to make that trip as easy as possible. I found that I was tired so I aimed to have a relaxing trip with minimal hustle and bustle. Women often think it’s their responsibility to take it all on, but delegate… After all, you’re growing a human and that’s tiring. Put your feet up, take a nap, you’re on vacation!

Always discuss travel destinations with your doc. The Zika virus can be common in some southern destinations. When I was 17 weeks, I travelled to Mexico and I was aware of the risk of Zika. I smothered myself in deet-free bug repellent day and night while I was there.

Don’t be afraid to tell the flight attendants you are pregnant even if it’s obvious. When it was time to board, I went on the first call and let them know I needed to sit first as the lines get very crowded and people do get really pushy. Your best bet is to go in and relax before everyone else boards.  On planes and trains, always try for an aisle seat because nobody goes to the bathroom more than a pregnant woman!  Also, don’t forget to do a couple laps, get your blood circulating!

During travel and once you reach your destination make sure to stay hydrated and eat up! Naturally our bodies need to stay hydrated to perform so heck, treat yourself to a couple mocktails, you deserve it!!

Lastly, and most importantly, enjoy this time with your family. I really treasure the memories we create before baby arrives because we all know how hectic life gets with a newborn!


Michebella xo

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