Shopping for Two đź¤°

Pregnancy is such an amazing event in a woman’s life, so why not show off that growing baby bump. Your style doesn’t have to go down the drain while you’re pregnant—in fact, you can get a bit wild in your wardrobe since your dressing for two!

This is perfect time to play around with outfits and step it up a couple of notches. These few wardrobe hacks will get you get started as they’ve helped me throughout the first two trimesters so far.

Photo by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

Ok….but first, let’s be real for a sec, those maternity stores can be crazy expensive! And to think, your won’t be pregnant forever. What I do recommend tho, is to buy actual maternity pants from the better stores like Thyme Maternity. I bought some pants from Motherhood Maternity but found that they never fit properly. They were either super tight around my ankles and gave me the sweats just trying to take them off each time, or they would always pull down, so it literally looked like MC hammer pants. Lol.

Do yourself a favour and purchase some good quality maternity pants that cover your tummy, that aren’t super restricted around your ankles and don’t pull down. You won’t be disappointed.

Another purchase at Thyme that was crucial was bras. Good quality bras that keep up to the growing bust but also acts as nursing bra after the baby is born. Surprisingly, they are stylish and really really comfortable…omg….where have you been all my life. The ladies at Thyme store in Limeridge Mall were so accommodating and helpful with my purchases. Great customer service, I highly recommend it there.

All my other pieces were purchased at a few of my fav stores, I just went up a size.

I love like H&M, Forever 21, Urban Planet etc. These stores have a great selection and are inexpensive, especially when buying for a few short months. I make sure that the material has some stretch and the length is suitable for my growing belly. I picked out some cute tanks for $5 from H&M, some summer dresses from Urban and some empire style shirts and skirts from Forever 21.

I also purchased some items from Amazon as well, a three pack of long sleeve shirts that I can use as nursing shirts afterwards. Some floral and lace dresses for my photoshoots that were inexpensive but looked expensive. Amazon has a great variety with great prices. I even started shopping for baby products. The best part is not leaving the comfort of your own home………..I say that’s perfect shopping.

Photo by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

Lastly, I’ve connected with a couple of mom groups on Facebook who are also expecting at the same time. This way, we can post our bellies pics, talk about fashion and baby products, its great. If you are interested, shoot me a DM and I’ll send those links your way.

Happy Shopping Mama’s

Michebella xo

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