I’m feeling like myself again.

Yayaya I’m feeling so much better!!! Currently sitting at 18 weeks and 3 days in.

Just like that the morning sickness disappeared!! It only took 15 weeks. Like I said in my previous blog, I’ve never experienced morning sickness with my first two pregnancies, so this was all new to me.

I have to admit weeks 6-15 were a disaster. I think I’ve read every blog, vlog, post and even joined groups on facebook to find a solution to feel better.

The morning sickness legit took a toll on my entire body? Even looking at my phone made my stomach turn. Weird…right! I hated to disappoint my clients but I didn’t even have it in me to lift the phone to my face.

Some of the blogs I read said that this morning sickness could last up to 6 months and even the whole pregnancy. I had faith that it would pass once my hormones levelled and I hit that second trimester.  And just like that, 9 weeks passed and I felt like myself again!

FINALLY…..I can wake up and know I will feel normal (besides the belly 😉). I was able to get back to the gym, go out with friends, bake and make cakes and desserts again for my business and now I’m throughly enjoy being pregnant and all the excitement that surrounds me at this time.

So for anyone who’s pregnant or wanting to, I won’t lie, morning sickness is awful but I am beyond blessed to be in this position.

Tuesday we will have our gender ultrasound to find out the gender. Joe and I won’t know but my best friend Heidi will! However, In three short weeks, we will soon find out at our gender reveal party, so stayed tuned my friends.


Michebella xo

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