Oops we did it again….

Photography by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

Oops we did it again……baby number #3 is on it’s way. We are over the moon for this new addition to come into our lives, especially the kids.

Joe & I were thinking of having a third child. Let’s be clear, more me than him. We both come from large families. I come from a family of 5 and my husband comes from 4. Since we had our kids back to back…12 months & 2 weeks apart, we were so overwhelmed the past few years that we haven’t even had the time to think about the possibility of another child. Years went by and we were so consumed with Allysia & Jaxson that having a third would put us out as we had them so close together. Finally, over the last couple of years I had toyed with the idea and ran it by my husband. He was like, ummmm noooo! Although we were both happy and content with our two little rascals and our life, we also didn’t want to hit 40 and regret not having “one more”. 

Joe, Heidi & I went out last November for our anniversary dinner at Cima, while we waited for our table, we had a deep conversation about the thought of adding to our family. I was pro and Joe was con, luckily we had Heidi there to balance us out. She counted all the pros and cons for us, and gave us a reality check on what we will be getting into. We decided we will try for a couple of months, and if it doesn’t happen, then its not meant to be. We waited and waited until the next month to check, and nothing. We booked a trip in April and decided we will just wait.

We went out for dinner with some friends and family on January 20th, I had the usual glass of red wine with my meal. I wasn’t feeling too good as I knew my monthly lady thingy was well on its way. We finished dinner and headed home. One quick stop at the drug store to pick up a few things including a pregnancy test “just for fun”…as I haven’t been feeling too well and it just crossed my mind that I could be at that point. When we got home I bee lined to the bathroom and Bam….it was positive. Tears started to flow, unsure whether to be happy or sad or scared. LOL! The first person I called, was Heidi. At that point I was in need of some major moral support and to hear that everything will be alright.  Foolishly, I gave all my baby stuff and clothes away three years ago thinking that’s the end of that.

Photography by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

Well…..here we go again.

I’m sitting at 14 weeks preggers, and what a road its been. It’s been 9 years since my last pregnancy and I loved being pregnant. This time was different, its been such a rough road for me and still is. I’ve dealt with morning sickness from around 1 p.m. until I go to bed at night, super duper lethargic (still), headaches, acid reflux, heartburn and most days I’ve had no energy to even get up from the couch. I could lie there for hours and hours, sleeping in and out until it was bedtime. Even looking at phone, texting, emailing, made me sick. It was the weirdest thing, I know! So, sorry to everyone I haven’t responded to in the past couple of months, its not ME, it’s the baby! I’m hoping that this morning sickness will disappear soon as I think I read every Vlog on how to cure it. It seemed like nothing would work… until my doctor prescribed me these little magic pills! Phew!

Photography by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

Ok, well now what??? I’m looking forward to sharing this special time with everyone and having you join me on this journey, my third and final (lol)  pregnancy. Let’s the fun begin…..right??? Right??

Photography by Heidi Stadlinger Photography


Michebella xo

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